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Questions the ARI Seeks to Answer



1. How do 'habits of daily living' contribute to disease at the molecular level; in particualr how do the affect inflammation and oxidative damage?

2. What are the best markers for assessing inflammation and oxidative stress int he body?

3. How does lifestyle contribute to cognitive dysfunction, especially in the elderly, and can lifestyle modification improve cognitive function?

4. Can targeted brain stimulation (i.e. computer assisted cognitive remediation therapy), improve outcomes for adolescents with depression?

5. What are the risk factors behind the development of depression in otherwise healthy women during the perinatal period?

6. What is the predictive value of blood & tissue NAD(H) levels to disease?

7. Can application of a lifestyle-based multimodal program improve cognitive function in older persons with mild cognitive impairment?

Projects In Progress

Project Title: Improving cognition in adolescents with depression using computer assisted cognitive remediation therapy (CCRT).

J. Guest, R. Grant, M. Merzenich, A. Rigney. 

Project Title: Development of urinary screening methodologies for early cancer detection.

R. Grant, M. Bucknall, G. Marx, N.Singh, J. Guest.

Project Title: Assessment of the effect of caffeine on memory and exercise induced rise in plasma bDNF.

J Cooper, J Berg, R. Grant,

Project Title:Identification of biochemical and lifestyle-linked risk factors for the development of perinatal depression: Foundations for treatment.

C. Deveney, J. Berg, A. Booker, R. Grant.

Project Title: Development of a multimodal program for the treatement of mild cognitive impairment.

R.Grant, J. Berg + commercial parters

Project Title: Development of assessment of methodology for preserving NAD(H) in plasma and whole blood for analysis

R. Grant, N. Sayedsadjadi, C. Salonikas, C. Tung + commercial partners.



PhD, MD and Masters Projects In Progress 

C. Deveney. Identification and assessment of the influenc eof biopsychosocial factor on the development of perinatal mood disorders.

A. Rao. Assessment of the effect of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) on sex hormone levels in men and woemn.

D. Chuginkov. Investigation of the attitutdes of patients and clinical staff to the use of complementary and alternative medicines in oncology.

Y. Yu. Investigation of the attitudes of patients and clinical staff to the use of complementary and alternative medicines in obstetrics.


J. Cooper Assessment of the effect of caffeine on exercise induced memory and brain derived neurotrophic factor.


Other ARI Facilitated Projects


Project Title: Impact of San Day Infusion Centre treatment on the experience of pain, anxiety, nausea and fatigue in cancer patients.

A. Temblett

Project Title: Comparison of gastric volumes and pH in lean and obese patients determined by endoscopy.

P. Stewart, S. Phillips

Past Projects

Project Title: Assessment of the effect of oral supplementation with polyphenols and/or carotenoids on key markers of oxidative stress over time and skin health following acute UV exposure.

R. Grant, O. Szeto

Project Title: Pilot study to assess the incidence and efficacy of treatment of H.pylori infection in a representative population from the Gyuto Monastery in Northern India.

R. Grant, C. Harrington, T. Borody, N. Hope

Project Title: Brain Biology, Food and Mood: Identifying neurobiological correlates to depression in adolescents.

R. Grant, M. Morris, A. Bilgin, R. Pearce, S. Baines, Ms C. Zeuschner

Project Title: Insulin resistance and childhood diabetes (Healthy under the skin you're in).

 R. Grant, M. Morris, A. Bilgin, R. Pearce,  S. Baines, C. Zeuschner